Emergency Wrist Band

Emergency Wrist Band
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"Your Entire Medical History On Your Wrist." The Care Memory Band is ideal for Seniors and Caregivers alike. Should you find yourself in a medical crisis, emergency technicians can plug your wristband into their computers and can access the information needed to expedite care, avoid errors and possibly save your life!

Medical History Bracelet

The Memory Band is a digital memory device bracelet which stores a patientís medical history, medical conditions, prescriptions, allergies, etc. The band can be a critical component to saving the lives of many who suffer from life-altering medical experiences, the aged and more. The band comes with its own USB Port connection so that paramedics or the emergency hospital staff can view the patientís medical history immediately. It is the only product in the marketplace to allow patient-driven control by simply wearing it.

Care Memory Band Advantages There are "NO MONTHLY FEES" and "INTERNET ACCESS IS NOT REQUIRED" Internationally recognized medical alert symbol Instant access to lifesaving information during a medical emergency No special software needed to view information Avoid medical errors Can help avoid drug interactions Reduce waiting room and emergency room time

Color: Comes In Black or Pink

Sizes: Xsmall 6.25 Small 7 in Medium 7.5 Large 8.25 Xlge 9in (Aproximate Wrist Size In Inches)